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Project Locations

Project Locations

The Goodwill social work centre is located in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India which is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, India and is also considered as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. Madurai is the famous and ancient home of Tamil culture in South India. It has been a great city from its very beginning, more than 2500 years ago. It is one of the three metropolitan cities in the state of Tamilnadu having a total population of 1.2 million, of which 19.06 percent are slum population which is distributed among 72 wards in and around the Madurai city corporation. It is reported in the Government of Tamilnadu, Slum population 2001 that Madurai (Corporation) has had a slum population of 175875 of which 88725 were males and 87150 were females. The total number of slums is 185. A very high proportion of the families of working children live in slums and backward areas and most of them (father and mother) work in unorganised and informal sectors. Some of them take up self-employment to eke out their livelihood. Since its inception, Our centre has been organising various programmes for children,youth,women and workers in unorganised sectors including agriculture in Madurai and its neighbouring villages in Madurai east village Panchayat union block and Madurai West Village Panchayat union block in Madurai district,Tamilnadu,South India.

There are 106 revenue villages located within the Madurai East Panchayat union block whereas Madurai West Panchayat union block has 82 revenue villages. The total population of Madurai east Panchayat union block is122235,of which 61958 are males and 60277 are females whereas the Madurai West Panchayat Union block has a total population of 190245 of which 96225 are males and 94020 are females. As to the socio-economic indicators of the Madurai East Panchayat Union, the number of female per 1000 males 973. The percentage of Schedule castes (socially oppressed class) to the total population is 20.19. The percentage of workers to total rural population 41.70 whereas the percentage of female workers to total workers is 41.98.Since this is an agricultural community, the percentage of agricultural workers to total workers is 70.28 whereas the percentage of agricultural labourers to total agricultural workers is 76.89.The density of population per sq.meter is 553 and the average size of household is 4.The percentage of literacy is 53.28.

Target Groups

  • Children, youth, men and women who belong to low socioeconomic status families in rural and urban areas.
  • Children and young men and women who belong to Dalit communities (socially oppressed classes in India)
  • Children and young men and women whose parents work in unorganised sectors, including agriculture.
  • Young people in dysfunctional families (Female headed families, Single parent families etc)
  • School and college going youth
  • Working youth in organised, semi-organised and unorganised sectors
  • Dysfunctional families
  • NGOS and civil society organisations in the State of Tamilnadu,South India.