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The main thrust of the program was dental hygiene and awareness to identify and rectify dental health problems. Matters relating to the topics such as importance of teeth and their types, diseases of teeth, causes for dental problems, various types of available treatment, the cost involved , and problems prevailing among children were discussed in detail allowing space for clarification of doubts connected to these.

After the presentation the special dental diseases existing among patients with diabetes and heart diseases were discussed. Then a screening test was conducted and medical advice was offered by Dr.Emmanuel Christopher.

The participants were mostly women and children, numbering 74 in all. The specialty of the program was the usage of the two unique interactive DVD lessons about the teeth, donated to Goodwill, by Thare Machi Education, UK. Handouts on the presentation were handed over to interested participants.

As a majority of the participants are financially poor, the free consultation and screening that was done by the doctor was much appreciated by them. Many of them seem to have had dental caries and scales. They were referred to medical doctors for further advice and treatment. The feedback by the participants was very encouraging and the efforts of the Dental Surgeon and the staff of Goodwill Centre were much applauded.