Our centre seeks funding for taking up the following projects for children, youth, women and men in India:

  • Children’s Human Rights Training programmes for children, teachers, parents and civic action groups in Madurai, India. (Children’s Rights Centre)
  • Family Support Services for Children (including working children, children affected by HIV/AIDS and ‘Children on the streets’) in dysfunctional families (A holistic care approach to the families of disadvantaged children including Child sponsorship programme for school children).
  • Goodwill HRD Resource Centre, with a focus on NGO management and capacity building.
  • Holistic care and Non-formal employment training programmes for poor and disadvantaged youth, Madurai, India.
  • Human Rights Training for civic action groups in Tamilnadu,India.
  • HIV/AIDS preventive education, support and care for young adults in unorganised sectors in India.
  • Environmental education and action programmes for children in villages.
  • Community Technology Centres for children and young women in low and middle-income families in rural and urban areas.
  • Centre for Children’s Environmental health rights in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Networking and Capacity building programmes for NGOs/Civil society organisations in Tamilnadu, India.
  • Community based rehabilitation for disability prevention and action project.