Non-Formal Employment Training

Non-formal employment training for young men and women in dysfunctional families-funded by OZ CHILD-Children Australia Inc, Australia (2000 to present)

The centre has been undertaking development education programme to empower poor and disadvantaged male and female youth in the age group of 15-25 in dysfunctional families with non-formal employment training skills and life enrichment education for their sustainable development in Madurai, South India. It adopts a holistic approach for offering youth centred services and preventive support services to the families of the youth. The Centre has set up a two-wheeler mechanism Unit for Boys and a Tailoring Unit for girls.

During 2000-2005, 262 children and youth have successfully completed their training. More than 25 young men and women have attended computer training courses. Since 2000 our centre has been conducting these courses for poor and disadvantaged children and youth in rural and urban areas in Madurai in collaboration with Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS)-Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India (Madurai office) New Delhi, India.

Our experiences over past years (1999-2003) have shown that 180 male and female youth from dysfunctional families who were offered vocational training in two wheeler repairs and mechanics and tailoring and textiles are presently being employed. The life enrichment education that is being imparted to the youth provides them with opportunities for learning for life, work and the future. The centre has set up a Typewriting training unit for the village youth and a Community Technology centre for the village children and young women in low and middle income communities in our project areas.

The programme inputs include :

  • Preparing youth for non-employment training in vocational trades namely
  • Maintenance and Repairs of Automobiles (Four wheeler and Two wheeler)
  • Dress making, designing and embroidery
  • Mobile phone servicing
  • Computer applications
  • Beauty culture and Health care etc.
Providing life enrichment education for developing social skills, employability skills, consumer skills, ESOL/ESL special needs of the youth and special issues affecting youth

Family support services namely

  • crisis intervention and counselling services for stressed families of youth
  • Resourcing(offering information) and advocacy
  • Demonstrated gender awareness amongst project participants.
  • Health promotion programs for youth
  • Job search and placement for youth and eligible family members
  • Youth and family fellowship meetings
  • Good parenting skills development program.

The non-formal employment training comprises :

  • Class instructions
  • Practical sessions
  • Field placement training and
  • Job placement.
Training module for each vocational training has been designed which covers the training content (units of lesson), methodology, duration and weightage to Theory and Practical i.e., Theory (25%), Practical (65%) and Life enrichment education (10%). The methodology will include..

  • Teaching and demonstration sessions
  • use of print material
  • use of audio visual material
  • use of computer aided techniques
  • field visits
  • placement/on the job training and
  • follow up.