About Us

Our Mission

To profess and practice ‘GOODWILL SOCIAL WORK’ as a philosophy, a practice mode and an approach, which is preventative, rehabilitative and developmental in perspective and based on the principles of scientific humanism in line with the professional social work model. It combines social philanthropy, professional social work and social development. ‘Goodwill social work’ is inclusive where children, youth, men and women participate in the social and economic life of their communities. It attempts to treat the symptoms through social protection, remove as far as possible the barriers to better social outcomes and tackle the root causes through social investment.

It is committed to a particular set of professional values of social work including respect for worth and dignity of every person, the client’s right to self-determination, confidentiality, advocacy and social action that promotes social justice, which are reflected in the word ‘GOODWILL’ as shown below:

  • G - stands for goodness in all we do for the community
  • O - stands for overflowing with love, compassion, and peace
  • O - stands for outpouring care for others, especially children,
    youth and their families
  • D - stands for dutifulness in helping others to help themselves
  • W - stands for willingness to serve the poor and downtrodden
  • I - stands for integrating professionalism in social work practice
  • L - stands for linking itself to serve locally and globally
  • L - stands for lighting up the face of the less fortunate
    and the unfortunate