Free Webiste For Goodwill

Free website for GOODWILL under The Malian Foundation’s Consulting programme - Australia

As a beneficiary of The Malian Foundation’s offer to graciously and generously create a free website for our charity The Goodwill Social Work Centre in Madurai India, our profile has been elevated locally and internationally in ways we would have never before thought possible. Many people across the world now know of, and support our activities and programmes for disadvantaged peoples in rural and urban India through this powerful medium. Our centre has the capacity to reach out to many friends, child- and human-rights associations to keep them abreast of what we do for the most deserving and disadvantaged communities within India.

The Malian Foundation has worked tirelessly on our behalf promoting our programmes and providing advice on ways to strengthen our work by becoming members of associations such as the Child Rights Information Network, and the World Association for Non Government Organisations.

The foundation has helped us establish a presence within the international non-profit community and we are excited with the next strategic phase to join forces on the Children’s Human Rights Training Programmes for civil action groups in Tamilnadu India; holistic care and non-formal employment training for youth in dysfunctional families in Madurai India, and the establishment of Community Technology Centres for children and young women from low- and moderate-income communities in South India projects.

The Malian Foundation has enriched our operations and worked tirelessly to provide publicity services, internet marketing, press releases, and have even acted as a contact point for the Social Work Centre within Australia. The assistance offered by the foundation resulted in our centre winning a lucrative grant from Panda Software which enabled it to realize its long held ambition of creating Community Technology centres.GOODWILL also significantly raised its profile within the Indian media with multiple articles and increased from 12 websites mentioning the Centre’s work to over 500.

We place on record our grateful thanks to Mr. Simon Malian, Founder of The Malian Foundation, NSW, Australia for his act of kindness and generous support being graciously extended to our Centre to have built and promoted a website